The Facility

Our Dolby Certified Atmos & IMAX stages have been built to the highest technical specifications, using the best industry suppliers. Our studios are equipped with the latest cutting-edge audio technology and software packages ensuring a secure and seamless workflow for our clients.

Stage specifications

  • Fully Floated Acoustically Designed Rooms (10x7x4m)
  • Dolby Atmos & IMAX Aligned Rooms
  • Avid S6 24 Fader Mixing Consoles
  • Brand new Apple Mac-Pros 7,1
  • Pro-Tools HDX-2 Playoff and Record systems
  • Pro-Tools Ultimate Software with a vast bundle of plug-ins
  • IHSE Draco KVM System
  • Dante Networked Audio
  • DDP Server for added content security
  • JBL 3-Way monitoring
  • Crown BLU-Link Amplifiers
  • BLU 806 Signal Processor
  • NEC PA703UL 2K Laser Projection
  • Harkness Smart View Screens (5.1m x 2.1m)
  • IBM Aspera File Delivery

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